20 years

20 years.  240 months.  Over 1000 Sundays, many of which were spent conducting Open Houses and meeting thousands of people searching for their next dream home. February 2014 marks my 20th anniversary as a Realtor.

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So much has changed over the last 20 years.

I have watched my own family grow. My son Patryk graduated from school, got married and gave me a beautiful daughter-in-law in Danielle and I helped them find a dream home of their own. I met my loving husband Dwane, whom I’ve been married to for over 15 glorious years. In that time we have travelled around the world, he has assisted me in Real Estate and put up with my odd hours and ‘unique’ Real Estate ideas.  And I can’t forget the addition of my wonderful and caring dog Bo to the family. He greets me at the door with utter delight and excitement every time I come back from a listing appointment, showing, open house or presentation of a proposal.

I have loved every minute of the last 20 years.

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There is no other profession that allows me to meet so many people in our community. I have helped multiple generations of families buy and sell their homes. I have been lucky enough to meet clients that have turned into friends. I have been fortunate enough to be included in birth announcements and then watch my clients’ children grow into adults. I have assisted clients with finding their very first homes and I have helped others sell their homes of 40+ years and downsize. I relish every phone call and email I get from my clients whether it’s for a friendly check-in, a decision to move or a desire to find an investment property.

I truly feel blessed because I have found a career that I am very passionate about. I really love what I do, and I hope that that has come across in my work and conversations with you over the years.

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Real Estate has evolved considerably over the last 20 years.

Virtual Tours, Twitter, Facebook, SMS & QR Codes – Real estate is spoken in a whole new language. And the industry has never been more competitive. Ottawa has hit an all-time high of approximately 2,800 agents. One thing that hasn’t changed in the last 20 years is the importance of word-of-mouth and referrals. An agent is only as good as their clients’ happiness and satisfaction.

If you know of someone who is looking to sell or buy a home (even a new home from a builder) please pass along my information and recommend my services. I would be grateful for the referral and excited to take on a new client/friend.



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P.S. I would to love to hear some of your favourite stories from working together over the last 20 years. Please feel free to share some of your interesting stories with me on my Facebook page and Twitter feed @meggibyers with the special hashtag  #Meggi20.


Selling in the Winter

There are not many things more stressful than listing your house in the middle of the winter!  the short days, unpredictable weather and bitter cold make it hard to attract buyers, and in all honesty there aren’t as many buyers in the market for a new house during the winter. IN reality, not everyone has the luxury to wait until the spring/summer to list.  So when meeting with new clients, I always tell them the way to make your house stand out when the market is slow is to stage..  It sounds like a simple concept – make your house look its best at all times.  Staging in the winter can be a little more time consuming but if you do it right, I promise, it will pay off!

Here are just a few winter tips to help get your house ready to sell:

  1. Warm up your house – you want your house to give off the warm and cozy vibe – warmer homes make the house feel homey and welcoming
  2. Clear the paths – Keep your driveways and walkways ice/snow free – curb appeal is the first indication that your home has been well maintained.
  3. Take advantage of natural light – this is important all year around. You want to make sure your windows are clean and your blinds/curtains are open to let in as much natural light as possible.  Replace all old light bulbs with the highest wattage possible to maximize the light coming in

With a reduced number of buyers in the winter season, its even more important for your house to show its best and stand out!



The Aesthetic Appeal

I get this all the time when showing houses – people have a difficult time looking past certain aesthetic mistakes.  Below are some of the major mistakes you want to avoid when listing your house:

Lack of Light: A dark home has tendency to fell small and unwelcoming.  It has to be one of the simplest things that you can fix! Before any showing, go ahead and turn on all your light fixtures, switch the dim bulbs for high wattage and throw back those curtains – let that light shine right through that gorgeous house of yours!

Clutter: It is so easy to accumulate stuff over the years, and living with it, it’s easy to ignore.  Along with making the room look dark, clutter does a great job of making your space look small and uninviting.  It signals neglect, and makes it difficult for buyers to ignore and try to picture their belongings in the space.  So spend a little time to pack away some of that stuff – hey consider it getting a head start on the packing!

  Odors: Nothing screams “don’t buy this house” faster than the smell of smoke, cooking or pets throughout your house.  Eliminating any unwanted odors can be as simple as cleaning the carpets or keeping your trash can emptied. 

Outdated décor: This can be a tough one.  Everyone has a unique taste and everyone’s house showcases their own personal style differently.  That being said, you want your décor to appeal to the masses – you want your house to attract the greatest number of prospective buyers.  As stated previously, it is hard for a buyer to see past your ‘stuff’ in any space, so the best way to get the buyer to picture themselves in your home is to streamline the furniture.  

Neglected Repairs: Just like clutter, little things like missing hardware, holes in the wall, missing molding can be easily be ignored over time.  This again implies neglect and gives the impression that your home hasn’t been maintained – so make sure these are fixed up prior to showcasing your house

Selling your house is stressful enough, but I guarantee if you hire a good real estate agent and together you follow these steps, your house will sell a lot quicker!